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 GB is Rigged?!?!?

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PostSubject: GB is Rigged?!?!?   Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:21 pm

Conversation Between Hatchet And GB Help Staff: Bodybag.

hatchet@aol.com.au (6:52:26 PM): I need help!
GB Bodybag (6:54:13 PM): Live Support
hatchet@aol.com.au (6:54:28 PM): hey mate
hatchet@aol.com.au (6:55:05 PM): we played a match yestarday and was told that if we didnt cancel the match will be overturn to their win
hatchet@aol.com.au (6:55:45 PM): and thats exactly what happened... match was played by a GB ref!
GB Bodybag (6:55:54 PM): match id
hatchet@aol.com.au (6:56:02 PM): let me get it
hatchet@aol.com.au (6:56:24 PM): 5606348
hatchet@aol.com.au (6:57:16 PM): this is the maost disrespectful thing I have ever seen... cant understand how they could do that
GB Bodybag (7:02:23 PM): What game?
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:02:34 PM): Warhawk
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:02:49 PM): We got 50 odd members in our clan all jumping up & down telling me to sort this out... how am I suppose to go against your own staff
GB Bodybag (7:04:19 PM): Who's the staff member on their team
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:04:59 PM): jpanth
GB Bodybag (7:06:09 PM): Any lag issues in the game?
GB Bodybag (7:09:31 PM): Hello Hatchet?
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:10:10 PM): yes, just slightly for our side, after lag test they said they were all good from their end... they won the first match... after that they only said "that was intense", nothing about lag... then after the second match they swapped a player cause they said he knew the plan better... so we said nothing, even though not happy with it, when 3rd match was over, they said "cant believe you guys won, that was great"... 20mins after they invited me to a chat, then started saying due to ping issue they won and we have to cancel the match or they will get it reversed,
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:10:25 PM): sorry trying to tell all the facts
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:10:51 PM): today... it's been reversed
GB Bodybag (7:11:05 PM): Ok Not that it's needed but I'm curious if you have any proof of that convo you had with them
GB Bodybag (7:11:11 PM): Cancel or we'll get it reversed
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:11:30 PM): No it was done over PS3 chat
GB Bodybag (7:11:40 PM): Voice
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:12:02 PM): yes, 4 from there team and me and ice-burger from mine
GB Bodybag (7:12:07 PM): Ok
GB Bodybag (7:12:22 PM): I need until tomorrow to investigate further
GB Bodybag (7:12:46 PM): I see everything you're saying and I'm going to assign this case to a Platform Admin to look into.
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:12:47 PM): ok, thanks man... this is not rite at all
GB Bodybag (7:13:16 PM): I understand... from what you're saying It sounds fishy and definitely deserves some looking into... We'll get it worked out
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:13:32 PM): how will you contact me back?
GB Bodybag (7:17:31 PM): I have your aim however you can check back with me tomorrow if you'd like or send me a PM o my gb username
GB Bodybag (7:17:38 PM): Bodybag. (Don't forget the dot)
GB Bodybag (7:17:54 PM): I'll need at least 18 hours from now to get it looked into.
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:18:26 PM): Ok thanks, I have to post this conversation on our site cause we got alot of upset people
GB Bodybag (7:18:38 PM): I don't mind at all.
hatchet@aol.com.au (7:18:52 PM): kool thanks Bodybag.

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PostSubject: Re: GB is Rigged?!?!?   Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:59 am

we won the match thenk u GB Bodybag

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PostSubject: Re: GB is Rigged?!?!?   Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:46 am

That made a big difference too. It was the difference between being 29th and 43rd.

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PostSubject: Re: GB is Rigged?!?!?   

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GB is Rigged?!?!?
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