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 Warhawk Trickz & Tipz

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PostSubject: Warhawk Trickz & Tipz   Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:48 pm

APC Sheild Break

Wouldn't you luv to break through the APC sheild and take out all those players inside it with one hit?

Well you can!, Take a Warhawk, pick up the lightning gun, fully charge it, then fire it into the sheild, that's it! No more sheild.

Now for the fun part... follow up with a tow missle!!!!! on average this trick should net you somewhere between 2 - 12 killz.
(P.S. Wait for the lightning to subside before firing the TOW.. or Suicide is inevitable)

Cluster Bomb Ramming

One of the most common thingz a Flag Runner will do is hide in a building with the flag.

Here's a trick to get em out...

pick up the Cluster Bomb, then head for the part of the building that the Flag Runner is hiding in,

Turbo into that part of the building and as you hit it, drop the Cluster Bomb,

Most of the time you will get about half of the Clusters inside the building, enough to either kill or badly hurt the Flag Runner so as they will be running for health.

P.S. If there is a close window in the building, turbo into that, then all of the Clusters will explode inside the building.

Runnin' & Gunnin'

This is a tip that most will already know, but all tipz are good tipz.

When shooting with troop weaponz aim higher once locked on, the first lockon will target the body, so raize your crosshair a little to target the head, they will go down alot faster.

This also workz with the likez of vechilez... eg:

Sending a free lock (No Lock) Rocket Launcher to the top end of a Tank will destroy it faster than sending a lockedon rocket to the body of the Tank.

Hero Mode

Tip for Hero mode: Sniper take out Planez, Tankz, Jeepz & Turrets in a singel Sniper shot

Flame A Plane

If A Plane Swoopz Down To Shoot Yo To Death And Is Not Quite Low Enough To Blow up Via Hand Grenade,

The Next Best Thing Is To Blast Some Fire At It, But Buy The Time You Pull The Flame Thrower Out And Start Heating Em Up

The Plane Will Usally Rize A Bit To Get Itself Outta Danger, But You May Notice By Then that The Plane Is Surviving On Little Health.

Pump A Round Of Machine Gun Bullets Into Em To Finish It Off.

BBQ Pilot With Machine Gun Sauce

Drunk Drivin'

Why Is It That When I'm Drunk And Jammin' Warhawk I Find It Easier To Run Peepz Over?

Here'z What I Can Figure...

If You Try To Run Someone Down, By Driving Into Them With The Front Of The 4X4 Usually Nothing Happens.

Yet If You Hit Em With The Side Of The 4X4 (Corner By Headlight) Then Splat, They Will Become RoadKill.

So To Sum Up... When Driving Drunk, Swirve To Run Em Down

I Stab People!

Here'z One For The Stabbin' Insane Nutterz

When Face With A Speeding 4X4 That'z Headed Your Way, Pull Out Yo Knife, Just Before It Getz To Run Yo Down, Jump And Stab The Driver In The Head.

9 Timez Out Of 10 You Will Still Get Run Over, But You Should Also Get The Kill.

If Done With The Right Timing Then You Will Bounce Off The Windscreen Unscaved And Still Take The Kill.

Anotha Knife Tip For Ya'll:

Run Straight Into A Flame Thrower, Swinging Yo Blade, Most Of Yo Life Will Expire But You Will Kome Out The Winner!

Jetpack Homing Dodging

To dodge a Rocket that iz locked on to you while Jetpacking

Just Double Tap R2.

You gotta be pretty Quick Though

The Tank Drop

Hey guys, MeatCleavar and I found this out by accident.

I was in a Drop-ship and Cleavar had just jumped out of the tank to get some mines.

I picked up my tank, then realising that Cleavar wasn't in it, I dropped it right on top on Cleavar

Killing Him Instantly


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PostSubject: Re: Warhawk Trickz & Tipz   Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:47 pm

Pistol Breaker

When a pistol gunner komes running straight at you
throw grenades at your feet and run backwards
Pistoleers aways fall for it

Remember Pistol gunners are harder to get a lock on
especially when they are just outta reach for a knife
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Number of posts : 134
Age : 41
Location : Sydney, Australia
Points : 3642
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PostSubject: Re: Warhawk Trickz & Tipz   Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:46 am

Butchers Knife To Butter Knife

Do you wonder why you can slice & stab at anotha hawker & no dice

The knife is subject to lag big time... if you have high ping players in the server it can affect the use of your blade

you can stab away with the sight of blood spilling out of em & take about 6 slashes to take em down.

The best way to combat this is to actually run backwards away from the hawker while slicing,

you will find that as soon as someone is geeting stabbed they usally change to their knife and start attacking you!

For some reason they player running backwards away from the attacker will get a better result

than they player running in for the kill

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PostSubject: Re: Warhawk Trickz & Tipz   

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Warhawk Trickz & Tipz
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