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 Sin Vs Sin Server Details

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PostSubject: Sin Vs Sin Server Details   Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:25 pm

Create Game Settings

Server Options:-
Name: S!n vs S!n
Password: murder
Type: Player or Dedicated (Depending on weather you want to participate)
Ranked: No (Tick Box)
Clan Restricted: No (Blank Box)
Eucadian Clan: (Blank)
Chernovan Clan: (Blank)
Max Players: (Please make high as possible)
Min Players: 4
Buddy Slots: 2
Min Ranked: Recruit
Max Rank: General
Spawn Delay: (leave standard)
Start Delay: (leave standard)
Message: (Your choice bro)

Advanced Options:-
Use Wrench/Bio-Feild: Yes (Tick Box)
Enable Vioce: Yes (Tick Box)
All Talk: No (Leave Blank)
Randomise Teams: No (Tick Box)
Allow Team Switch: Yes (Tick Box)
Balanced Teams: No (Tick Box)
Friendly Fire: 100% (Set to highest)
Allow Split Srceen: Yes (Leave Blank)
Intermission Time: (leave standard)
Kick Idle Players: NO (leave box blank)

OK now lets sort the layout & maps...
Map Rotation 1of1
Press X to enter map rotation, Press down once to highlight Game Map, then press right button to have Archipelago highlighted, then press down to highlight Map Layout, then press right twice to have Close Corridors highlighted, press down again to highlight Score Limit, Set to 200, then press down again to highlight Time Limit, Set to 10 minutes... then press Up 5 times to be back at Map Rotation, then press square button then its a matter of doing the next stage, once done then back to the top again press square to enter the next... and so on.

6v6 Server Battle:
The Badlands - Fortress - DM - 100 - 5mins
The Badlands - Installation - CTF - 5 - 20mins
Archipelgo - Southern Islands - Zones - 5000 - 20mins
Island Outpost - DogFight - TDM - 100 - 20mins

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Sin Vs Sin Server Details
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